Executive Committee

The Council shall, under the guidance of the CWI Chair, form committees or working groups on an as-needed basis to formalize a structure for Council members and stakeholders in Wisconsin's workforce and talent development system to actively participate in the maintenance, support, and refinement of the system's activities.

The CWI Executive Committee is a standing committee composed of Council officers and committee chairs. It is the purpose of the CWI Executive Committee to provide overall direction for Council activities and oversee committee, working group, and task force outcomes to ensure alignment across state agencies, local program coordination, and the effective use of resources.

Council on Workforce Investment Executive Committee Members

  • Department of Workforce Development Secretary-designee Amy Pechacek, CWI Executive Director
  • S. Mark Tyler, CWI Chair
  • Ann Franz, Employment Training Infrastructure Committee Chair
  • Kathi Seifert, Growing Workforce Opportunities Committee Chair
  • Sachin Shivaram, WIOA Compliance & Resource Alignment Committee Chair

Council on Workforce Investment Executive Committee Meetings

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